Legends of Loot is an adventure-based dungeon crawler that takes players on a not-so-typical hero's journey. Venture through mysterious mazes, solve diabolical puzzles, employ ingenious devices and avoid dangerous traps all in the hopes of saving the fair princess who is being held prisoner by the fierce dragons that rule the land. Unlock hilarious weapons, equip unique armor sets and hoard as much of the dragons' treasure as physically possible.

Explore and plunder nearly one hundred mazes spread across the iconic Egyptian, Medieval, Mayan and Asian regions. Use your wits to help solve puzzles and to lure enemies into fiendish traps.

Use a variety of touch-screen gestures and the accelerometer to attack, parry, shield or dodge in an exciting, easy-to-use, but difficult-to-master combat mechanic.

Outfit your hero with the latest fashions made up of unique and quirky weapons, armor and magical items.

If you dare, wager your in-game gold on skill-based level challenges...beat the odds and a wealth of treasure will be yours!

Use the in-game Calendar to keep track of your friends' progress and notify you of special in-game events!